Infomercial provides Romanian retirement reality check

Romania, July 20, 2015

Forecasts for Romania show that just over 20 years from now, each person in employment will support almost four people in retirement. Discover how a campaign by Aegon Romania is helping raise awareness about this alarming situation.

Their public awareness campaign was developed with the support of Moise Guran, one of the most important financial journalist in Romania, and his team at And it was recently recognized as the Best Insurance Educational Campaign in 2014, by UNSAR, The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania.

The campaign's infomercial, which reached millions of viewers, highlighted how Romania's rapidly aging population will cause serious pension issues in the future.

The campaign supports Aegon's ambition to improve financial education; in this instance raising awareness about the need to start saving for retirement as early in life as possible. In the 2015 Retirement Readiness Survey, respondents said that gaining a better insight into their retirement savings, building awareness and educating them about the market, would encourage them to save more for retirement.

Population fall impacts future pension payments

A clear and hard-hitting, four-minute infomercial explains how the legalization of abortion in 1990 has significantly reduced the population growth in Romania every year since. In fact, by 2013 there were just 190,000 births in Romania, compared with 530,000 at its peak in 1967. The clear implications of this with regards to supporting an aging population are highlighted in the film.

The film was promoted using key online channels such as Biziday, Aegon Romania's own platforms and, a self-service customer platform. They also successfully promoted the infomercial via social media and the national TV channel, TVR where partner journalist Moise Guran has his own financial show.

Infomercial seen by millions

The campaign reached over quarter of a million people via online channels, and several million via television, in a country with a working age population today of less than 15 million.

Written by: Aegon