Aegon Rated Among Top 20 for Sustainability

The Hague, July 30, 2013

Aegon has been included in the Euronext Vigeo Benelux 20 index, which identifies the top 20 companies in the Benelux region based on their performance with regard to the environment, social issues, and corporate governance.

NYSE Euronext (NYX), the world's largest exchange group, and Vigeo, a well-regarded European expert in assessing responsible performance, work together on a number of indices that identify companies rated highest for their control of corporate responsibility risk and contributions to sustainable development. The index is updated twice per year in May and November.

Companies included in the Euronext Vigeo Benelux 20 indices have achieved the highest score in an assessment based on 38 criteria, including: respect for the environment; human rights and recognition of companies' human capital; relations with stakeholders; corporate governance and business ethics'; integrity in influencing policy and effort to fight corruption and; the prevention of social and environmental dumping in the supply and subcontracting chain.

International Sustainability Standards

"Benchmarks are built around universally recognized standards drawn from United Nations and International Labour Organization conventions and treaties, and from OECD guidelines," explains Fabrice Rahmouni, Index Design at NYSE Euronext.

These criteria are aligned with Aegon's own approach to sustainability. "For us, sustainability is about building a profitable, long-term business. When we sell life insurance or pensions, we're making a promise that lasts a lifetime, and our customers have to know we'll be here to honor those promises," says Marc van Weede, Executive Vice President, Aegon Group Sustainability.

Fair, Honest and Responsible

"Sustainability is not only about the environment. It's about how we treat our customers. It's about nurturing talent and empowering our employees. It's about taking a responsible approach to where we invest our money. It's about providing clear, effective products and services. Ultimately, it's about being fair, honest and responsible for what we do. And it's a very positive sign that Aegon is increasingly being recognized for this," concludes Marc van Weede.

Written by: Aegon