onna-onna Proves Quality Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

The Hague, September 10, 2013

onna-onna is a unique car insurance concept that appeals particularly to female drivers. Together with the five co-founders, Aegon recently developed the product further with the launch of onna-onna Serious Assist in the Netherlands.

With more than 30,000 cars insured, onna-onna is as much about customer service and reassurance as it is about car insurance.

Best Tested Car Insurance

In 2011 and 2012, Dutch consumer organization, the Consumentenbond rated onna-onna as 'best tested' compared to 40 other insurance providers. And De Telegraaf newspaper rated onna-onna as the best quality car insurance.

If a customer is involved in a car accident, they simply have to make one emergency call to a special number, and onna-onna takes care of the rest. At the customer's request, a special assistance vehicle can even be sent to the scene of the accident – normally within 30 minutes. onna-onna not only takes care of the customer, but also their passengers and their personal belongings.

Less Paperwork

onna-onna also takes care of all the paperwork, including taking pictures of the situation. They will inform family members, ensure that any procedures begin immediately and give the customer and any passengers a lift to home or to their work.

In short, it gives customers complete reassurance during an extremely stressful situation. It is unique in the Dutch market and clearly focuses on high-level service. onna-onna Serious Assist exceeds customer expectations when they most need it.

Award Winning Quality

Independent research agency, Moneyview, confirmed this in a survey of 51 insurers. onna-onna received five out of a possible five stars for quality, with a comment that, 'the price is better than average'. "Quality simply doesn't have to be expensive," concludes Rob Scholte, from Aegon's Strategy & Innovation team.