Redemption perpetual securities

Redemption of USD 500 million 6.5% Perpetual Capital Securities

On May 7, 2019, Aegon announced a call for the redemption of USD 500 million 6.5% perpetual capital securities (NYSE:AED, CUSIP: N007924400, ISIN: NL0000062420). Please find further background information and the event schedule below.

Event schedule

Event Date Comment
Ex-dividend date May 30, 2019  Security price to be reduced by USD 0.40625 at the opening of the trading session
Record date June 1, 2019 Trades made on or after the ex-dividend date will not receive final interest payment
Interest payment date/redemption date June 15, 2019 Interest to be accrued up to but excluding redemption date on a following, unadjusted basis
Payment of interest June 17, 2019 USD 0.40625 or 6.5%/4*USD 25, calculated on a 30/360 basis
Payment of redemption price June 17, 2019 Security to be redeemed at 100% or USD 25
Suspension and delisting of security June 17 before opening Interest will no longer accrue following redemption, suspension and delisting