Redemption perpetual securities

Redemption of 6% Perpetual Capital Securities.

On May 24, 2018, Aegon announced a call for the redemption of EUR 200 million 6% Perpetual Capital Securities (ISIN: NL0000168466). Please find further background information and the event schedule below.

Event schedule


Event Date Comment
Last trading day of security on Euronext July 18, 2018  
Suspension of security on Euronext July 19, 2018 Suspended to facilitate 2 business days settlement cycle prior to redemption
Payment of interest July 23, 2018 EUR 60 or 6%*EUR 1,000 per security
Payment of redemption price July 23, 2018 Security to be redeemed at 100% or EUR 1,000
Delisting of security from Euronext July 23, 2018 Interest will no longer accrue following redemption, suspension and delisting