Aegon has a well-defined system of compliance that ensures we maintain a commitment to our core values, adhere to our Code of Conduct and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Aegon's system of compliance is essential, not only for employee and customer trust, but to promote sustainable, profitable growth, and to protect Aegon's brand and reputation. Our senior management have made it their responsibility to ensure that Aegon employees receive the information and training they need in order to understand and act in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and internal policies.

Group Compliance, as established in the Aegon Compliance Charter, operates as a stand-alone function and oversees group-wide compliance management.

The Team identifies regulatory requirements and compliance risks, develops strategies and policies and works with the management of our business units around the world to ensure that these regulations are effectively complied with.

More specifically, Group Compliance is responsible for safeguarding how the entire Aegon organization operates within a clearly defined Gobal Charter Framework.

It proactively advises our Management Board on acting in a compliant manner, from both strategic and operational perspectives. It is also responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of compliance approach on a global level.

Aegon’s Code of Conduct embodies the company’s values and helps ensure that all employees act ethically and responsibly.

It prescribes a mandatory set of conditions for how Aegon employees should conduct business, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and exercise sound judgment in reaching ethical business decisions in the long-term interests of our stakeholders.

Who does it apply to?

Aegon’s Code of Conduct applies to all directors, officers (regardless of the contractual basis of their employment) and employees of all Aegon companies around the world, including associate companies, joint ventures and other co-operative ventures.

Every Aegon employee has to certify that they have read and understood the Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by it. Employees are encouraged to follow an e-learning to help embed the principles of the Code in the way they work.

Aegon’s Code of Conduct is available in the languages of the countries where we operate.

The Aegon Speak Up program provides a safe environment for anyone who wishes to raise a concern about suspected or observed misconduct that involves Aegon. If you work for or with Aegon and you hear or see something that could be against our values or Aegon's Code of Conduct, we encourage you to speak up and make a difference.

Please note that the Aegon Speak Up Service is a safe environment: it's a 24/7 dedicated service managed by a independent party. You can speak up confidentially or anonymously, if that is your preference.

Go to Aegon Speak Up

In support of Aegon's Code of Conduct, the Aegon N.V. Insider Dealing Policy provides further guidance to help Aegon's employees understand their responsibilities relative to the prevention of unlawful disclosure of inside information and insider dealing.

What is insider dealing?

Insider dealing is where a person gains an unfair advantage over other third parties as a result of access to inside information. This would undermine the integrity of financial markets and investor confidence, which is based on the assurance that investors are placed on an equal footing and protected from the misuse of inside information.  

As a publicly traded company Aegon recognizes the importance of market integrity and investor confidence. Investors can be confident that Aegon will disclose relevant information to the market as soon as possible. We believe that all our stakeholders should simultaneously have access to the same information. And the confidence that a person possessing inside information will not take unfair advantage of this by entering into market transactions.

Aegon's Insider Dealing Policy

Aegon's Insider Dealing Policy establishes measures to reduce the risk that inside information is unintentionally disclosed. It also ensures that private transactions conducted by Aegon employees raise suspicion that such information has been misused.

At Aegon, we are committed to conducting business with the highest level of integrity, and strict compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards in each of the markets and jurisdictions in which we operate.

Click here for Aegon's Financial Economic Crime page

The page features the Wolfsberg Group Financial Crime Questionnaire for Aegon N.V. and aims to support you with your Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence-related inquiries.


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