Compliance documentation

Aegon N.V. Insider Dealing Policy & Closed Periods

Aegon recognizes the importance of market integrity and investor confidence. This policy ensures that inside information is not unintentionally disclosed or that personal trades raise suspicion that such information has been misused.

Aegon Regulatory Compliance Charter & Global Charter Framework

This Charter defines the nature, role , responsibilities, status and authority of the Regulatory Compliance Function within Aegon Group and outlines the scope of its activities.

Disclosure Policy

This policy ensures that clear, complete, and accurate information relating to the company’s operations and financial results is disclosed in a timely, transparent and consistent way, in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Aegon Global Tax Policy and Principles of Conduct

This policy outlines Aegon's approach to responsible taxpaying, which seeks to align the long-term interests of all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, business partners, investors, and wider society.

Code of Conduct

Aegon's Code of Conduct is available in the local language of all the markets where we operate.

Operational Risk Policy

This non-publically available policy sets out our approach to social, environmental and other business risks.

Global Voting Policy

This policy sets out guidelines for how we behave as a shareholder in other companies.