Aegon is an international company, based in the Netherlands, with shares listed in Amsterdam and New York. Aegon’s corporate governance structure is the responsibility of both the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board.

Articles of Association

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

As a company based in the Netherlands, Aegon is subject to the Dutch corporate governance code. Further details on Aegon’s compliance with the Dutch Corporate Governance code may be found in Aegon’s Annual Report and in the Corporate Governance Statement as published on this website.

Sarbanes Oxley Act

Aegon also complies with the Sarbanes Oxley Act of the United States to the extent applicable to foreign private issuers. For further details on how Aegon’s corporate governance practices differ from those required of US Companies under New York Stock Exchange Standards.

Governing Bodies  

As a public company under Dutch law, Aegon is governed by three corporate bodies:

In addition, Aegon has a Management Board. Aegon’s Management Board works alongside the Executive Board, and helps oversee operational issues and the implementation of Aegon’s strategy. Board members are drawn from Aegon’s country and operating units and have both regional and global responsibilities, ensuring that Aegon is managed as an integrated international business.