Aegon doubles brand awareness in India

India, September 27, 2016

Aegon Life’s ‘Simple Makes Sense’ campaign has reached 16 million customers in just one month - doubling brand awareness. The achievement was highlighted as best business practice by Facebook's Business Success Stories.

Aegon Life chose to run online advertisements in tandem with television ads to launch its new brand positioning at the start of the year.

Aegon Life's 'Simple Makes Sense' commercial

The 'Simple Makes Sense' campaign – which focusses on simplifying the insurance buying process - was praised by Facebook for its creativity. Facebook said the campaign "conveyed the essence of what the brand stands for in a straightforward way," and avoided the emotional route typically used by insurance companies.

Lead generation

The campaign, which targeted 24-44 year old men in the top eight cities in India, pinpointed its audience more accurately than mass advertising and helped the brand use its budget wisely. Facebook's reach in this area is more than 22 million compared to TV, which is 9 million only.

To capitalize on leads, Aegon Life created a 'custom audience' of people who had watched the brand video and retargeted them with lead ads, making it easy for people to quickly share their contact information with Aegon Life.

The challenge was reaching a specific market segment defined by demographics with the core brand messaging. Facebook advertisements helped them in terms of brand relevance as well as performance marketing.

Outperforming industry benchmarks

The campaign outperformed global benchmarks in the banking, financial services and insurance sector.

KS Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Aegon Life, talks about the campaign strategy

Mark Inkster, Chief Digital Officer, Asia, said: "We're proud of the success of the campaign and the recognition we've received as a result. Facebook did a brand effect' study on the campaign through AC Nielsen which showed great results for brand awareness and advertising recall."