New commercial: Falling in love with...

The Netherlands, July 18, 2016

You fall in love with a house, not a mortgage... This is the message behind Aegon’s latest campaign in The Netherlands. Since July 9, a staggering 85,000 people have already tuned into a 30-minute Facebook video about mortgages.

New commercial launched in July in The Netherlands

The campaign, which is running on television, radio and online, uses humor in the form of ironic conversations between friends such as 'This weekend, I can't wait to get to grips with the ins and outs of the latest mortgages on offer...'

Booming housing market

This highlights the importance of understanding your financial options before falling in love with a house. Right now, with the housing market booming in the Netherlands, the heart tends to rule the head, which can lead to disappointment, making the wrong financial choices, or people stretching themselves financially – sometimes unnecessarily.

In the television and online commercials, two prospective buyers discuss the beautiful features of a house rather than financial aspects, such as: how much they should borrow, what type of mortgage they should choose, how many years should they choose for a fixed interest rate or what the monthly mortgage payment will be.

Lead generation

The campaign aims to drive traffic to a free-of-charge telephone 'chat' to address some of these questions. The no-obligation chat with an Aegon mortgage advisor can last up to 30 minutes. Following the call, the customer can then decide if they would like to pay for more extensive personal advice for their mortgage or proceed without an advisor.

The number of conversations generated is currently meeting the high expectations set for the campaign, and advisors are extremely positive about the rapport they're building with customers.