Aegon’s new tv campaign claims ‘It’s your moment’

Spain, October 16, 2017

Building on the success of its previous award-winning campaign, Aegon Spain has once again worked together with the creative agency Kitchen on their new campaign; 'It's your moment'.

The campaign, which kicked off this month across television, radio, print and online, promotes the excellent value for money offered by Aegon's health insurance products, as well as reinforcing brand recognition.

Increasingly, consumers think that their health insurance covers them for every eventuality, but when it comes to making a claim, they find that 'anything beyond a cold' is excluded. With this campaign, Aegon´s challenge was to give customers peace of mind regarding its own insurance products. They reinforce that Aegon's customers will not be faced with unexpected policy changes, modifications to the level of cover, or the need for endless calls with customer service.

Improved brand awareness

'It's your moment' appeals to people's sense of humor, by referencing everyday situations or incidents that all of us have experienced with other insurance companies. With a clear call-to-action the campaign aims to stimulate a direct response from customers. It also improves brand positioning and increases brand awareness, which has almost doubled as a result of recent marketing activities.

José Ramón Azurmendi, Aegon Spain's CMO, claims that, "with this approach we want to continue to present Aegon as a solid company offering products completely focused on the needs of its customers. A company that is always completely transparent in terms of final price and coverage."

In 2013, Aegon Spain's previous campaign 'Mi pequeña', aimed at the promotion of life insurance, won a number of awards.