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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Conference, September 2019

The presentation given by Aegon CEO Alex Wynaendts to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Conference in London on September 25, 2019.

Introduction to Aegon, September 2019

A comprehensive introduction to Aegon, the company's history, strategy, research, performance, people and more.

1H 2019 presentation

Aegon CEO, Alex Wynaendts and CFO, Matt Rider provide an update on Aegon's 1H 2019 results.

Goldman Sachs Conference, June 2019

Aegon CFO Matt Rider gives a presentation to the Goldman Sachs Conference in Paris on US capital management in the context of group targets.

Deutsche Bank Global Financial Services Conference, May 2019

Michiel van Katwijk, CFO of Aegon Americas, gave a presentation on US capital management to the Deutsche Bank Global Financial Services Conference in New York on May 29, 2019.

Asia is an attractive market for Aegon

Aegon's objective is to turn Asia into one of the most significant sources of growth.

JP Morgan Insurance Forum, May 2019

Read Aegon's Fixed Income investor presentation to the JP Morgan Insurance Forum in New York on May 9, 2019.

Fintech: The sharp end of corporate innovation, April 2019

Marc van Weede, Head of Corporate Development at Aegon Asset Management, gave a presentation about Aegon's approach to innovation during the Innovate Finance Global Summit in London in April 2019.

Morgan Stanley Financials Conference

Matt Rider, CFO of Aegon, provides an update on Aegon's active portfolio management at the Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference in London.

2H 2018 Results presentation

Aegon CEO, Alex Wynaendts and CFO, Matt Rider provide an update on Aegon's 2H 2018 results.

Aegon UK strategy update - Citi European Insurance Conference

Read Aegon UK's strategy update for investors, which was presented at the Citi European Insurance Conference in London on January 8, 2019.

A&I Conference: Alex Wynaendts – Simplification and growth

Alex Wynaendts, Aegon’s CEO, provides an update at the Analysts & Investors conference in New York on the progress made executing the company’s strategy and delivering on financial targets

A&I Conference: Leveraging leading positions in workplace and individual solutions

Joe Boan (Workplace & Individual Markets), Scott Ramey, (Workplace Solutions) and Phil Eckman (Customer Experience & Advice) provide an update on how Transamerica is leveraging leading positions in Workplace & Individual Solutions.

A&I Conference: Mark Mullin - Accelerating growth

Mark Mullin, CEO Aegon Americas, gives an overview of the US business and lays out plans to drive sales growth. He also joins Dave Paulsen, Chief Distribution Officer and Frank Sottosanti, Chief Market Officer, in a breakout meeting.

A&I Conference: Blake Bostwick - Simplifying and optimizing business

Blake Bostwick, Chief Operations Officer at Transamerica, and David Montgomery, Head of Individual Operations, provide an update on how Aegon is simplifying and optimizing its business in the US.