Clarification results first six months 2004

In the table Revenues and production (page 6) the total life insurance gross premiums should be as follows:

Second quarter  
  2004 2003 %
Revenues (in EUR millions)      
Life general account single premiums 515 480 7
Life general account recurring premiums 1,277 1,240 3
Life policyholders account single premiums 970 1,113   (13)
Life policyholders account recurring premiums 1,011 917 10

Total life insurance gross premiums 3,773 3,750 1


In the Condensed consolidated balance sheets (page 19) the line 'Of which deferred policy acquisition costs' should be as follows:

(in millions) At June 30, 2003
At June 30, 2003
Of which deferred policy acquisition costs (17,095) (14,960)


This does not affect reported total gross premiums and results. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Please use this link for a PDF version of the amended press release (English language version only).