Transamerica Corporation announces pricing of tender offer

Transamerica Corporation announced that pricing has been set in the cash tender offer for outstanding legacy debt securities issued by two affiliated trusts, Transamerica Capital II and Transamerica Capital III.

The offer price for each USD 1,000 liquidation amount was calculated based on a fixed spread over the yield based on the bid-side price of the applicable reference U.S. Treasury security (as of November 17, 2006 at 11 am New York City time). Holders will also receive accrued and unpaid distributions on securities purchased in the tender offer. The purchase price and the accrued and unpaid distributions for each security are as follows:




Title of security

Reference U.S. Treasury security

Tender offer yield

Purchase price

Accrued and unpaid distributions


Transamerica Capital II (1)

7.65% Capital Trust Pass-Through SecuritiesSM (TruPS)SM  due December 1, 2026

4.500% due

February 2036



USD 1,210.97

USD 36.13


Transamerica Capital III (1)

7.625% Capital Trust Pass-Through SecuritiesSM (TruPS)SM  due November 15, 2037

4.500% due

February 2036



USD 1,244.44

USD 1.27

1 Each of Transamerica Capital II and Transamerica Capital III are statutory business trusts established under the laws of the State of Delaware by Transamerica Corporation, as sponsor.

Transamerica Corporation plans to finance the tender offer through funds provided by Aegon N.V., its parent company. The impact of the transaction on the earnings of Aegon N.V. will depend on general market circumstances as well as the percentage of securities tendered and accepted in the tender offer. Further information on the impact will be announced after the expiration of the tender offer. 

Information on the tender offer is available via J.P. Morgan Securities Inc, the Dealer Manager, at +1-866-834-4666 (toll free). Requests for documents may be directed to the Information Agent, Global Bondholder Services Corporation, at +1-866-470-4500 (toll free). 

This announcement is not an offer to purchase or the solicitation of an offer to sell any securities. The tender offer for the securities is only being made pursuant to the Offer to Purchase dated November 10, 2006 and the related Letter of Transmittal. 

The Offer to Purchase has not been filed with or reviewed by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority of any country, nor has any such commission or authority passed judgment upon the accuracy or adequacy of the Offer to Purchase. Any representation to the contrary is unlawful and may be a criminal offense.