Alexander R. Wynaendts named Chief Operating Officer of Aegon N.V.

Aegon N.V. today announced the appointment of Alexander R. Wynaendts (46) as Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective immediately.

Mr. Wynaendts joined Aegon in 1997 and has been a member of the Executive Board since 2003. Mr. Wynaendts is a member of the boards of Aegon USA, Aegon The Netherlands and Aegon UK. He leads Aegon's international growth strategy and is also responsible for the Group's activities in Spain, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as Aegon's joint venture with La Mondiale Participations in France.

In his new capacity, Mr. Wynaendts assumes additional corporate responsibilities, which include investor relations and corporate communications. As COO, and as a member of the Executive Board along with Donald J. Shepard (CEO) and Joseph B.M. Streppel (CFO), Mr. Wynaendts shares collegiate responsibility for the management of Aegon N.V.

Mr. Wynaendts was reappointed as a member of Aegon's Executive Board for a four-year term during today's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.