Aegon hosts investor day in London

Aegon will host a one-day investor conference in London today.

In the keynote presentation, CEO Alex Wynaendts will outline the priorities of Aegon to deal with the current market conditions. These include measures to reduce risk and further release capital, and a newly announced initiative to reduce operating expenses by more than EUR 150 million in Aegon’s major operating units in 2009.

In a separate presentation, Marco Keim – CEO of Aegon The Netherlands – will detail new plans to improve profitability and increase returns at Aegon’s Dutch businesses. By lowering expenses and focusing more on markets that offer strong growth and return prospects, Aegon The Netherlands aims to increase its overall return on capital by at least 100 basis points by 2012.

A joint presentation by Executive Vice President Michiel van Katwijk and Group Risk Officer Tom Grondin will detail Aegon’s approach to capital and risk management.

Conference program – Monday, November 24, 2008
Aegon’s investor day will take place in London on November 24, 2008. All presentations will be audio webcast live via Aegon’s corporate web site from 11:00 GMT (12:00 CET).

All times are GMT

11:00 – 11:35 Capital, Costs, Contingency Alex Wynaendts, CEO Aegon N.V.
11:35 – 12:35 Unlocking the Dutch potential Marco Keim, Member of the Management Board and CEO Aegon The Netherlands
13:30 – 14:15   Integrated capital & risk management Michiel van Katwijk, Executive Vice President Aegon N.V.; Tom Grondin, Group Risk Officer Aegon N.V