Aegon appoints Global Chief Technology Officer

Aegon announces the appointment of Aegon Americas COO Brenda Clancy to the new role of Global Chief Technology Officer, effective June 1, 2013.

Ms. Clancy will develop and lead Aegon's Group-wide global IT governance framework and enterprise IT strategy. The appointment is an essential step in the Group's long-term strategic commitment to creating a culture of innovation and employing technology to improve digital customer relationships and pursue operational excellence.

Ms. Clancy's role will include forming and leading a global IT board, and overseeing new organizational IT functions. Aegon CEO Alex Wynaendts emphasized the importance of implementing stronger IT governance practices to support the Group's strategic objective of investing in technology and innovation to get closer to customers.

"It is imperative that we capitalize on the collective talents of the organization to drive innovative ways of working and interacting with our customers. The benefits of technology offer us an opportunity to do things better and smarter, and ultimately to better serve our customers now and in the future," said Mr. Wynaendts. "Strengthening our IT governance to better coordinate resources and support our businesses is an essential aspect of this new approach."

Ms. Clancy will step down as Chief Operating Officer of Aegon Americas, a role she has held since 2005; she will remain a member of the Aegon Americas Management Board as well as the Group's Management Committee, reporting to Mr. Wynaendts.