Early investment pays off for Aegon Hungary

The birth of a baby prompts a range of emotions, including a desire for financial security. Aegon Hungary’s new campaign establishes a dialogue with parents at this life-changing moment, and the start of a long-lasting relationship.

Every new birth provides a potential contact moment for life insurance products. In fact, research from Aegon’s 2016 Retirement Readiness Report shows that starting a family is one of the strongest instigators to save.

“Major lifestyle changes, such as having children, may encourage people to consider their long-term finances, and presents a clear opportunity to engage them in discussions about retirement,” says Mike Mansfield, Head of Aegon’s Center for Longevity and Retirement.

Mother and baby boxes

Since 2011, Aegon Hungary has worked together with strategic partner, PromoBox, to provide gift boxes to new mothers. The PromoBoxes, distributed by nurses on maternity wards, contains childcare items from organizations such as Rossmann, Boiron, Unilever, and Aegon, which provides baby thermometers and a brochure. Every year, Aegon also provides hospitals with around 80,000 baby hospital identify tags, free of charge.

Aegon is also promoted in the ‘PromoBox My Sweet Baby’ mobile app which provides snippets of data on the various stages of pregnancy. Users can upload images, save unforgettable moments, and read pregnancy-related articles, financial tips, recipes, and more.

As well as the Baby Box, Aegon Hungary contributes to a Pregnancy Packet which provides essentials for during the pregnancy, and information to prepare new parents for parenthood.

One-in-three families

“We are in contact with one-in-three families in Hungary through our products,” says Brigitta Szabó, Marketing expert with Aegon Hungary. “So we feel a duty to provide additional support. In return, we are expanding our database. It’s a customer-centric approach that’s unique to Aegon in the Hungarian market.”

To further build the customer relationship, Aegon also offers a microsite with insurance and financial tips, discounts and prize draws for new parents. “The site is not a sales channel, it’s designed to build trust,” says Brigitta.

Photo competition

Awareness is also driven by a photo competition. “Proud parents post thousands of pictures of their newborn babies, and we thought it was a great opportunity for Aegon to be with them from the very first moment they become a family,” says Brigitta. “Through developing a relationship at this stage in their lives, we build trust for our brand.”

Newborn baby

The photo competition calls on parents to take a photograph of their child wearing the Aegon branded hospital tag. In addition, parents can choose to embellish images of their children to project their future aspirations for their babies by choosing from an outline sketch of a ballerina, doctor, astronaut, rock star, scientist, or Olympian.