Transamerica earns InformationWeek’s 'Elite 100' status for innovation

Ranking 33rd in InformationWeek’s list of top business technology innovators, Transamerica, Aegon's US subsidiary, has been named as an Elite 100 company.

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The recognition resulted from the Enterprise Marketing and Analytics Platform (EMAP) project. The platform brings together data from numerous business units and points of customer contact to better map the path that an individual customer takes when coming to and interacting with Transamerica.

One point of contact for customers throughout their life

This allows Transamerica to provide its customers with more relevant advice and products that can be timed across all stages of the customer's lifespan – from young adults starting careers to parents to retirees. Transamerica is using data to better meet customers' needs and inspire customers' confidence on the road to financial security.

EMAP brings together a 360 degree view of the customer, from first outreach to customer retention, covering the end-to-end customer journey. Bringing customer data together allows Transamerica more agility and better collaboration when responding to customer needs. The EMAP project allows Transamerica to better predict customers' future needs, which in turn can lead to further innovations.

Improved data security

Transamerica's EMAP data pool also can offer greater potential security protection for customers. To help ensure customer privacy, EMAP is built with underlying data security, including the use of data masking technology to ensure that personally identifiable information is highly controlled and visible only to certain, qualified people under the supervision of Transamerica's data governance council. The council makes sure that Transamerica continues to use data in accordance with our customers' interests and our business partners' directives.

"The EMAP project transformed the way that Transamerica looks at customer information," said Gerard Rescigno, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Transamerica.

"This technical innovation modernized the analytics infrastructure, giving us a flexible, scalable and secure platform that will enable us to provide more personalized, customer-focused solutions in a rapid environment. We're honored that InformationWeek recognizes our technology team's leap forward to meet our customers' changing needs."

About InformationWeek Elite 100

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