Aegon calls for disruption in the way we view retirement

A critical percentage of the world’s population is now living longer than ever before, while birth rates are dropping. This and many other developments influencing the global economy will be discussed during the OECD's two-day forum.

As one of the sponsors of this forum, Aegon is joining the debate ‘Disrupt Ageing’ on today at 10.45 (CET), and will make a plea for a fundamentally different view on retirement.

About the OECD Forum

The OECD's (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) annual forum takes place in Paris on May 31 and June 1, 2016. This is a major international conference where policies and ideas are shared between governments, business, civil society, and academia. It is attended by approximately 2,100 participants each year, with 250 speakers representing over 80 countries.

A different perspective on pensions

In the panel discussion, ‘Disrupt Ageing’, from 10:45 to 12:15 on May 31 chaired by Jo Ann Jenkins (CEO of AARP), Mihaela Marksova (the minister of labour and social affairs of Czech Republic) and others, Catherine Collinson (President of the Transamerica Institute & Executive Director of the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement) will plead for a different perspective on pensions.

“In order to disrupt aging we must first disrupt retirement”, says Catherine Collinson. “Only if we start looking differently at retirement can we make the progress urgently needed to create a retirement system that is inclusive and sustainable in the long-term.”

Other issues to be discussed during the panel discussion are how demographic change is impacting pension systems in terms of vulnerable groups, longer working lives and the importance of maintaining good health throughout our lives.

Creating a sustainable retirement system

To stimulate knowledge sharing, Aegon will be participating in a Discovery Lab on June 1 from 12 noon to 12:45.

During this co-creation session Aegon will talk about the retirement challenge, present highlights from its new research titled A Retirement Wake-Up Call: The Aegon Retirement Research Survey 2016 and for audience participation to develop practical recommendations to help create a retirement system that is sustainable, inclusive and equipped to deal with changes in global demographics.