Service initiatives pay-off for Aegon Hungary

Aegon Hungary recently took home the 2015 Client-Friendly Insurer of the Year Award, based on feedback from more than 52,000 clients. A significant achievement in a country with a total population of just 10 million. award ceremony

The campaign was run by, an online insurance broker. Not only did clients rank insurance companies on a general level, but they were asked to assess companies based on their administration, client information, client retention, and claims handling capabilities.

Recognition is the best motivator

"We are pleased with the positive feedback, especially because our clients found the time to reward our polite client service, and quick and fair claims handling, by submitting their votes during the busiest time of the year. This recognition from our clients, is the best motivation we can ask for," said Tamás Szombat, deputy-CEO of Aegon Hungary.

"Our aim is to ensure our clients are as satisfied with our services as possible, regardless of the situation."

Aegon Hungary have won several awards in recent years; not only clients but also their business partners and the industry have recognized their innovative solutions which improve client satisfaction and client experience with the company.

Some of the solutions they have introduced to support client communication include a pension calculator, a baby calculator, a welcome page for new clients, voice recognition in their call center, two-page simplified product information leaflets, and information sent via email or a text message during the claims handling process.

"We not only want to sell products, but more importantly we believe in providing outstanding service. We place our clients' long-term satisfaction and loyalty at the heart of everything we do," said Tamás Szombat.