Aegon Poland launches popular Studies Financing Program+

Aegon Poland has launched a new product, Studies Financing Program+, which includes both life insurance for the parents and child, and an education savings plan.

"Using data we have collected on the costs of studying at selected universities in Poland and abroad, we aim to show that by saving – even small amounts – regularly and consistently, you can secure your child's future," says Arkadiusz Chmurzyński, Marketing and E-commerce Director at Aegon Poland.

The accompanying marketing campaign targets the parents of pre-school and school-age children and their families. They are directed to the specially created platform Using the site's interactive tools, visitors can find out which expenses they should expect when planning for their child's university education.

Comparing the cost of studying abroad

The site also provides an interesting insight into the cost of university education in different countries and for different subjects.

Visitors to the site looking for further information can easily contact an Aegon representative, who will offer advice on the most suitable premium payment options to accumulate the required cash value at the end of the policy term.