Time to get your finances in order?

With rules about pensions and financial products changing regularly, it can be hard to keep up. And financial planning isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite pastime – and not everyone is willing to pay for advice.

This month Aegon in the UK and The Netherlands introduced a solution that's completely free.

In the UK, Aegon launched Aegon Assist, a friendly, UK-based team of trained specialists who help guide people through the financial decision making process, enabling them to make their own choices about retirement savings.

Retirement options explained

Via the telephone, Aegon Assist's specialists help customers understand the options available when saving for retirement, including the recent changes in the UK, which have opened up a number of new options for retirement when people reach age 55.

For example, if a customer is thinking about bringing a couple of pension pots together (known as 'consolidation') they can talk them through the benefits and risks, things to consider and explain any jargon to help them get everything sorted out. Once customers have all the facts, they're able to make informed decisions themselves.

Despite being advisable, many people are unwilling to pay for financial advice, so Aegon Assist can be an important additional option for customers to get the information they need to make informed financial decisions.

In The Netherlands, Aegon has launched a free, no-obligation 'attention' consultation over the telephone. Like the UK, it's open to both customers and non-Aegon customers. In around 30 minutes, any financial areas that need 'attention' will be highlighted – from switching mortgage deals to topping up pensions, and savings to the suitability of insurance products.

Consultations are carried out by independent advisors, as well as experts from Aegon, depending on the customers preference.

Awareness campaign

Despite 83% of the Dutch population considering their financial affairs important, many people still put it off financial decision making until tomorrow. Since January this year, Aegon has been running a series of commercials on TV and radio in The Netherlands, encouraging people to take action.

These and other initiatives around the world support Aegon's ambition of being a trusted partner for financial solutions at every stage of life, by developing long-term relationships, offering simple, convenient, rewarding and reassuring solutions and providing relevant information, guidance and advice.

Learn more about Aandacht-gesprek voor je financiële toekomst (Dutch).