Aegon invests in automated financial modelling technology

Aegon, through its corporate venture arm Transamerica Ventures, has invested in SmartAsset, a New York City-based financial decision making technology company.

SmartAsset Website Screenshot

SmartAsset provides financial tools and calculators based on its Automated Financial Modeling technology to help its users make more informed personal financial decisions. By combining data from user inputs and more than 130 sources, SmartAsset provides real outcomes that are both insightful and actionable.

Popular financial questions answered

"SmartAsset helps users answer questions like 'How much life insurance do I need?' or 'How much money do I need to retire comfortably, and at what age can I do it?'," said David Macmillan, Chief Marketing Officer of Transamerica.

"These are important questions our customers want answered, and utilizing SmartAsset's tools will help us provide them with more holistic advice."

Monetization through advertising

SmartAsset has more than 40 interactive tools that cover a wide variety of topics. They have also recently launched a new product, Captivate, which allows them to embed their tools onto partner websites. These partners are major publishers like CNN, Investopedia, and AOL. SmartAsset monetizes Captivate through advertising.

"By eventually placing Transamerica ads on Captivate, we will be able to increase our brand awareness to an audience that is already above 100mm loads per month," said Macmillan. "We will also be able to increase our click-through rate with Captivate ads because their users are in-market for the products and solutions we offer."

Transamerica Ventures is excited to be a stakeholder in SmartAsset because the company is consistently growing and the partnership opportunities are strong. To check them out and try out their financial tools and calculators, visit