Local collaboration for ‘green’ energy

This week, 539 solar panels were installed on the roofs of Aegon’s main offices in The Hague, the Netherlands. The initiative provides an opportunity for local residents to benefit from a clean energy tax incentive.

Solar panels being installed on Aegon's office in the Hague

The panels are being installed on buildings housing Aegon Asset Management, Aegon the Netherlands and Aegon's Head Office.

The panels will supply electricity for 60 households in the neighborhood. Producing approximately 1,850,000 kWh of 'green' electricity over the next 15 years they will reduce CO2 emissions by around 970,000 tons.

Under a scheme run by the government, Aegon's office roof space was offered to local residents living in apartments, or homes without a roof suitable for the installation of solar panels.

As a result the Green Hofzicht cooperative was formed in June 2016 and in November an agreement was signed between local residents and Aegon, attended by Joris Wijsmuller, Alderman for Urban Development, Housing, Sustainability and Culture.

Carbon neutral city

He congratulated Aegon on its initiative and called on other companies in the Hague to follow Aegon's example by offering suitable roof spaces to local residents. "A carbon neutral and sustainable city can only be achieved with residents and businesses," he said.

Aegon was also praised by the Local Energy Monitor report (Dutch only) which stated that Aegon's solar panel offer was "a fine example of a project initiated on the initiative of a company".