Aegon invests €65 million in Nigerien hospital

Aegon has invested €65 million in the Tahoua hospital in the Republic of Niger. After completion in December, the investment will provide thousands of people with access to medical facilities, and an attractive return for investors.

The Republic of Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. The Tahoua region, one of eight administrative regions in Niger, is more than twice the size of The Netherlands and home to around 3 million people.

This investment will help provide accessible medical expertise, including preventative care, to thousands of people. The region has extremely high mother and baby mortality rates, with people having to travel an average of 500 kilometers to reach a hospital. Over the last years, the provision of free antenatal and postnatal care has led to an increase in demand for healthcare.

Maarten Edixhoven, CEO of Aegon The Netherlands commented, "Healthcare is a basic human entitlement. Through this investment we're raising the standards of healthcare for many thousands of people in the Republic of Niger. I'm proud that Aegon is able to play a role in achieving this."

Government Related Investment Fund

The investment is being made through Aegon's Government Related Investment Fund (GRIF). The fund is made up of a broad portfolio of impact investments for Aegon and Aegon Asset Management. Among others, it invests in social housing, hospitals, sports associations, development banks and sustainable energy sources.


Commenting on the investment aspect of the deal, Hendrik Tuch, Head of Rates & Money Markets at Aegon Asset Management, said, "The GRIF provides Institutional Investors with excellent returns. These investments bridge the gap between responsible business and interesting investment opportunities for our clients. The hospital in the Republic of Niger is a perfect example of this."