Investing responsibly for our customers

3 minute read

Aegon manages over EUR 817 billion in revenue-generating investments, and considers it a duty to invest responsibly.

The company's 2017 Review, which was published today, illustrates the benefits of Aegon's Responsible Investment Policy, which was renewed last year. Although Aegon excludes a number of companies from its investments, it prefers to engage directly with those in which it has invested. Last year alone, Aegon engaged with 335 companies on environmental, social and governance issues.

Aegon has been especially active on climate change, and to better understand climate-related risks has pressed companies on scenario analysis, disclosure and transparency, and water management . While most of its investments are in debt securities – particularly corporate bonds – Aegon also invested in shares and funds, and has significant investments in real estate and mortgages.

By the end of 2017, Aegon had a total of EUR 8.1 billion of so-called 'impact investments' that bring specific social, environmental and financial returns. EUR 5 billion was, for instance, invested in affordable housing projects in the US, the UK and the Netherlands, financing over 9,500 homes and creating over 14,000 new jobs.

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