Over four million customers are now connected via a platform

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New business models offer customers new, more efficient ways of choosing insurance and other financial products.

Today, over four million of Aegon's insurance and investment customers are now connected digitally with the company through one of its platforms.

Aegon's relationship with its customers is changing fast, and this is reflected in its 2017 Review published today. One of the reasons for this rapid change is new technologies, with customers demanding simpler products that are quick and easy to buy online. Another reason is due to the company's decision to move to more fee-based products, which require a far closer, more direct relationship with customers.

Over the last three years, Aegon has seen a significant improvement in its Net Promoter Score, or NPS, a measure that captures all aspects of a company's relationship with its customers. Indeed, in 2017, 61 percent of Aegon's businesses were in the top two quartiles in their respective markets.

View the Annual Review website here: annualreview.aegon.com