Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) in action

Inspiration through dance

Aegon is marking the 10th anniversary of our partnership with world-renowned dance company, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). Watch a short impression of inspiration through dance.

As featured in our new sponsorship video, NDT and Aegon inspire, innovate and work together to deliver a superior customer experience and to drive innovation in an area which for long was considered traditional and abstract.

Aegon and NDT both strive to take a fresh look at everything we do and bring all the elements together in a seamless, harmonious experience for the people who interact with us.


Another important parallel is the international reach and aspiration. The NDT has been touring the world for many years, booking unprecedented success from Japan, through Europe, to the US and Brazil. And, Aegon  has events at many of the international NDT locations. In 2018 alone, our customers, business partners and colleagues enjoyed dance performances in Washington, London and Istanbul.

We also underline both our Dutch origins with joint activities in the Netherlands. For instance, we hosted some 100 key stakeholders at a breathtaking NDT performance in the Zuiderstrand Theatre in the Hague on December 19.


Aegon and NDT have a number of joint initiatives planned for 2019. We are organizing events in the US, Japan and potentially Spain, as well as shooting a dedicated video on longevity and retirement with NDT dancers and choreographers.