Aegon expands start-up program for 50+ entrepreneurs

Aegon expands start-up program for 50+ entrepreneurs

Programs in the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Italy will kick off early in 2021 to support and guide entrepreneurs over 50 as they build their businesses.

Start-ups are for students, right? Wrong! People over 50 who start businesses have a much better chance of success due to their experience, expertise and network, studies have established. Aegon is asking these so-called 'Silver Starters', who are interested in building a business based on their innovative ideas but don't know where to start, to sign up for the Silver Starters program.

Personal learning program
In 2019, Aegon collaborated with the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing to develop a very successful project in the Netherlands and Poland and this year, the program is expanding to include Italy and Portugal.

Silver Starters helps people who are already retired – or nearing retirement, already retired, been laid off, unemployed, or part-time workers. Through the program, participants will answer the question whether entrepreneurship is something for them, they will explore the market, and will be supported to turn their ideas into a business with personal coaching and online learning. The personal learning program includes 8 modules of 16 hours each; it is self-paced and requires no previous knowledge or experience to take part.

Mike Mansfield, Program Director of the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement: ‘Most start-up courses are tailored to young entrepreneurs. We aim to change that with Silver Starters, which helps people achieve a lifetime of financial security while at the same time inspiring active aging and giving people a sense of purpose.'

The Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Italian programs are all virtual to ensure the health and safety of every participant. Aegon collaborates with Leyden Academy, as well as local partners for each of the modules – but supplies plenty of business coaches for each program!

Sign up
Programs kick off early in 2021 – the Dutch program already starts in January, for example. Sign up today for more information about Silver Starters.

Still think it is a pipe dream? Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the stories of actual Silver Starters:

Silver Starters and Han van Doorn

"If you are going to retire, ask yourself the question: What will I become?" - advice from Han van Doorn, winner at the age of 82 of the inaugural final in the Netherlands.

"It is never too late to reinvent yourself" - says Paul Tasner, a key inspiration for the launch of Silver Starters and a presenter of a Ted Talk that has been viewed over 2 million times.