A simple Mother's Day wish list

A simple Mother's Day wish list

What can you do to mark this special day for mom? Here's a simple list of suggestions for children of all ages, with pictures.

1. Say "I appreciate you"

Mothers do so much for us that we may occasionally be guilty of taking them for granted. International Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9) is an opportunity to show you care and appreciate everything she does. Even the smallest gestures are valued. 

Mother sleeping

2. Some peace and quiet for an hour - let's be crazy - two hours!

Constant sleep deprivation is a standard feature of motherhood. Babies can't help craving attention, but mothers would like you to know that once you can talk, you can also be quiet. Some extra nap time for mother is a wonderful gift on Mother's Day. 

3. Take on the chores

Everyone likes to have a meal prepared for them. Mother is no different. And, it's a bonus if the children would also like to take on extra tasks such as cleaning up afterwards.

Flower and cards

4. Flowers, gifts, and hugs

Floral and other gifts are very welcome as long as they are in line with point 1 (saying "I appreciate you"). 

It says it all

5. For older children: "let's chat"

One for the older children among us who have left the nest. Instance messaging and social media are fine for contact with friends. But don't forget to ring your mother on Mother's Day. Why not go all out and make it a video chat!