VIDEO: singing about thinking ahead and making smart choices

VIDEO: singing about thinking ahead and making smart choices

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Life can move in all directions and it is important to prepare for the future by making smart choices now. Our Dutch business reflects on this theme in a new brand campaign that encourages us to think ahead.

Click below to watch the 40-second video (English subtitles)

Smart choices

Your options for later start with smart choices now, whether this relates to a mortgage, insurance, or your pension.

This is the central message of the new a brand campaign launched by Aegon's Dutch business. Sung as a spoken-word manifesto by singer and producer Eva Emme, the campaign tells the life story of a man. We see him in a large space where there are various life-size frames that feature people and situations that have played, or could play a role in his life. He walks from one frame to the next, illustrating how life can take several turns and how each turn requires thinking ahead and making choices.

The campaign is running on Dutch television, online and on social media. While the song is in Dutch, the video below has English subtitles, and the theme is universally relevant.


Aegon: Hilde Laffeber-Nicolaï & Marise Sperling
Music: Eva Emme & Massive Music
Production: Since88 (director: Nick Harmsen)
Voice over: Waldemar Torenstra

About Aegon

Aegon is a financial services company that focuses on three core markets (the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom), three growth markets (Spain & Portugal, China, and Brazil) and one global asset manager. 

Aegon also offers mortgages and operates Knab, an online bank, in the Netherlands. The innovate tool FinSnap enables customers to gauge the financial impact of major life events such as having children, early retirement, divorce or change in employment circumstances. The goal is for customers to get a clear picture of what they can do to transform their (financial) dreams into reality.