Chinese New Year: an ‘oxcellent’ year to save for the future

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Welcome to the year of the Ox! The Chinese zodiac tells us that this is a great year to make long term investments.

In the Chinese calendar, which over a billion people adhere to, the New Year started on February 12, and it will last until January 31, 2022. This year, it's the Year of the Ox! According to Chinese tradition, Oxes – people born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009 - are very hardworking and methodical, as well as being focused on family life. They also tend to be calm and patient folks, with a stubborn streak.

Best year to make investments
The Chinese zodiac also seeks to predict what the Year of the Ox will be like for each of us, which is heavily influenced by the Ox personality. This year is going to be lucky, and a perfect time to focus on relationships. It also looks to be a favorable year for economic recovery, apparently. This is also the best year to make long-term investments, such as for your retirement. 2021 is going to be a year when work will get rewarded, but only with considerable effort.

It may be necessary to redouble our efforts, just to get anything done at all.

So far, the positive predictions. But zodiac experts also tell us we have to be on our guard for some negative experiences. This is going to be a year when many will feel the weight of responsibilities. It may be necessary to redouble our efforts, just to get anything done at all. Discipline will be key, Chinese astrologists say. A lot of discipline!

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