Don’t kill the romance, share your dreams!

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It can be difficult to have the ‘money talk’ with your significant other. Instead, focus on how you envision your future together, and then figure out what you need to make it happen.

For me, it's a fireplace in my bedroom and a high-ceiling library with a rolling ladder. That's my retirement goal, which I am fortunate to share with my husband. Granted, they're small things, but they signify a lot. I also know that retiring in such a comfortable, rustic environment, with the lifestyle that goes along with it, costs a lot of money! Which is why we have developed a financial plan to make it happen.

For every dream you have for the future with your partner, there's a financial picture that goes along with it. But it's not easy to talk about finances (particularly if you're new to a relationship, or your plans are for ten or twenty years in the future). Dreams, however, you can discuss more freely. And you can tack on a conversation about how to make it happen, together.

So ask yourself this. Would you love a small house in the country, or do you want to jet all over the world? Are you looking to have a family, or do you believe you'll be happier just the two of you? Where (and how) would you most like to retire? Do you feel most comfortable in the city, on a mountain or near the ocean? All of those questions can lead you to a joint vision of the future – and the financial plan to make it a reality.

Drawing on Aegon's knowledge and years of experience, we always recommend you get expert advice before taking any important financial decisions, regardless of your aims and dreams before and into retirement.

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