Proud of our Aegon Proud community

VIDEO: Proud of our Aegon Proud community

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We strongly believe in the right to be your true self both in and outside the workplace. That's why Aegon Proud, our LGBTQ+ community, was at the Amsterdam Canal Parade on August 6. Watch our aftermovie.

We believe in getting the best out of your life. For everyone. That is why we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Our own Aegon Proud community has the largest share in this. The Proud network is active in almost all regions where Aegon is present. 

In 2013, a former colleague Mike Mansfield founded the Aegon Proud community. His idea: to bring colleagues into contact with each other, create awareness and offer support to LGBTQ+ colleagues. It started as a small club on the intranet. Nine years later, the club is hundreds of members richer, including a board and branches around the world. For example, Transamerica Proud and Aegon UK Proud.  

What does Proud do for Aegon?

Maxim Buise, chairman of Aegon Proud, says: "We organize a series of activities throughout the year to increase visibility and have fun together. We pay attention to annual awareness days such as International Day of Transgender Visibility, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and Coming-Out Day. We meet at LGBTQ+ film festivals and visit Gay Pride events. During the Amsterdam Canal Parade we have our own terrace from where we watch the parade with colleagues."

Aegon @ Amsterdam Canal Parade

Willem van den Berg, Director Aegon Life, and member of the Management Team of Aegon Nederland says: "Pride is a beautiful celebration of acceptance. That is why it is important for Aegon to be part of the event. It sends the message that the company you work for contributes to the acceptance of the LGBTQ community and is a company where everyone can be themselves. This is very important and valuable. I personally strive to be a role model for others by showing that there is no pink ceiling at Aegon. Only when you can be your authentic self, can you truly live your best life."

Many colleagues who are members of Aegon Proud don't fall under the LGBTQ+ flag themselves. "Our allies are the straight colleagues who care about LGBTQ+ inclusion and strive for a work environment where you can bring your whole self to work," says Bas van Helsdingen, a HR Consultant and Aegon Proud board member. "It's great to see that almost half of our Proud community consists of allies. What I particularly admire is that they not only participate in our activities, but also try to understand the LGBTQ+ community, learn with us, work for equality and actively contribute."

"I have been working at Aegon since November 2020," says Bas. "It was quite odd to start at the company during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I got to know many colleagues remotely and I was amazed at how quickly I could get to know them online and to connect with the Proud network. I found out very quickly that at Aegon I can be myself and bring my whole self to work. This means that whether I am working with people in The Hague, Leeuwarden, Aegon UK or Transamerica, I can use my full potential and be my most authentic self. I don't have to play a character here."

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