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Writing a retirement plan

Tips for writing a retirement plan

Will your finances be sufficient to fund your retirement? Here are some simple tips to help you plan for life after work

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Mobile phone and investment symbols

FinTech Investing: how to learn while not burning money

For Aegon, backing FinTech is about learning from other parties, while also generating a decent return on investment

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Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) in action

Inspiration through dance

Aegon is marking the 10th anniversary of our partnership with world-renowned dance company, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). Watch a short impression of inspiration through dance.

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Why do we retire?

Broadening the view on retirement

Coinciding with Aegon's publication of the whitepaper Why do we retire?, Mike Mansfield, Program Director at Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement reflects on this issue in five questions.

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Aegon CEO Alex Wynaendts

Dutch lessons on the changing face of retirement

Aegon CEO Alexander Wynaendts tells the Handelsblatt Insurance Summit 2018 that the Netherlands waited too long to design a truly individualized pension system, but Germany has time to avoid some of the mistakes.

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Woman and child in the countryside

Japan: how to encourage retirement saving in a super-aging society

Japan is often viewed as a role model in preparing for the transition to a super-aging society. The country is also at the forefront of the universal challenge of how to encourage people to save for retirement.

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The Practice 'Take 3' (2008) Artist: Folkert de Jong

Art in motion: Out of Office, in front of the public

Aegon’s much-loved ballerina has temporarily moved out of our head office to take her place in a unique public retrospective of 75 years of Dutch corporate art collections.

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Spanish and Japanese flags

Aegon research: Spanish media pushes case for 'retirement readiness'

The Spanish and the Japanese, the two populations with the highest life expectancy, are the least prepared for retirement.

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New York Times spotlights Aegon's call for a rethink on retirement

The 'golden years' after stopping work can look very different depending on where in the world you live and, increasingly, which generation you are in. This is a key message in a New York Times article based on Aegon’s ground-breaking research into longevity and the future of retirement.

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Aegon US Strategy update

Diary date: Aegon US Strategy update and webcast, December 6

Register for the webcast of Aegon's 2018 US Strategy Analysts & Investor Conference, taking place in New York on Thursday, December 6

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Frans De Beaufort

New Head of Corporate Communications at Aegon

Frans De Beaufort has been appointed as the new Head of Corporate Communications at Aegon as of December 1

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Aegon wins tax transparency award

Aegon has become the first financial sector company to receive the ‘Tax Transparency Award’ in the Netherlands

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Investor guide: How to keep steel strong and meet climate goals

Aegon Asset Management co-authors investor report on the steel industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Escher's Journey exhibition

Escher exhibition attracts over 250,000 art lovers to his hometown

A major Escher exhibition - supported by Aegon - attracts over 250,000 art lovers to his hometown

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Young leaders: mission to lead positive global change

Aegon colleagues were among 1,800 "young leaders" at the One Young World Summit in The Hague to formulate innovative solutions to help solve pressing global issues

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Faces of Aegon: Alvin Monpellier finds the "click" in an Escape Room

Alvin Monpellier was asked put his own position together with the job specs, and he also had to find his way out of an escape room.

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CFO Forum appoints Aegon's Matt Rider as Chair

CFO Forum appoints Aegon's Matt Rider as Chair

Matt Rider, Group Chief Financial Officer at Aegon, has been appointed the Chair of the European Insurance CFO Forum.

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Aegon colleagues mark Coming Out day

Coming Out Day: standing up for Diversity & Inclusion

Aegon has celebrated Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace by publishing ‘Coming Out’ stories from LGBT colleagues and allies

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Aegon Hackathon: showcasing the winning Wealth & Health ideas

Here's a roundup of the Aegon Hackathon winning prototypes that push the boundaries of Wealth + Health

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Interest on perpetual bonds reset at 1.425% per year

Aegon has reset the annual interest rate on its NLG 300 million perpetual cumulative subordinated bond with ISIN code NL0000121416, originally issued in 1996 (the “Bonds”) at 1.425%.

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Changing Aegon's future one data set at a time

Changing Aegon's future one data set at a time - meet the people behind the Aegon Analytical Academy

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Planning for the long haul

On International Day of Older Persons, Alex Wynaendts, CEO of Aegon, reflects on the steps needed to ensure people are financially secure at retirement age

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Faces of Aegon: Ishmara Gumbs, Finance Project Manager

Ishmara Gumbs joined as Finance Project Manager in the Financial Reporting team, based at Aegon’s Corporate Center in The Hague, in August 2017. As part of our Faces of Aegon series, Ishmara reviews her first year in the role and outlines the opportunities she sees for career growth.

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Hackathon team working together

Aegon Hackathon: top tips for rocking the innovation marathon

Here's a few pro tips for first-timers attending the Aegon Hackathon.

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Transamerica Institute CEO is named an Influencer in Aging

Catherine Collinson, CEO and President of the non-profit Transamerica Institute®, has been recognized as an Influencer in Aging.

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Aegon, The Hague

Aegon resets interest on perpetual bonds

Aegon will reset the annual interest rate on its NLG 300 million perpetual cumulative subordinated bond with ISIN code NL0000121416, originally issued in 1996 (the “Bonds”).

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Aegon Hackathon 2018: meet the disruptive innovators

Over 200 disruptive innovators are converging on Mumbai, Budapest and Dallas on September 20-21 in answer to Aegon’s challenge to “hack” the best prototypes to promote Wealth + Health for all.

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Hackers at work

Aegon Hackathon - building on the invention buzz

For 24 hours on September 20 to 21, 36 teams of hackers, programmers, designers and dreamers will disrupt and modernize the wealth & health model the world over. Here's a quick explainer for the 2018 edition of the Aegon Hackathon.

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Bridging the gap between ESG investment intent and action

A Newsweek Vantage report highlights the steps required to narrow the gap between intent and action in sustainable and responsible investment.

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My pride in Aegon Proud

On the eve of the Pride Amsterdam parade, Matt Rider, Chief Financial Officer at Aegon, writes about his support for the LGBT community.

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