Leading a global dialogue on longevity and retirement security

Everyone should be able to retire with dignity 

Aegon's purpose is to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security, both up to and throughout retirement. But without fundamental data and insights into the challenges people face when preparing for retirement, it's impossible to inspire change. Which is why, for the past nine years, we have been conducting the Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey. This survey covers 15 countries, spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

The resulting reports are designed to raise awareness of the retirement-related risks faced by workers and retirees and provide insights and recommendations for individuals, employers, and policymakers. They are a collaboration between the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement (ACLR) and nonprofits, Transamerica Center for Retirement StudiesĀ® (TCRS) in the United States and Instituto de Longevidade Mongeral Aegon in Brazil.

For the past three years, Aegon has been calling for a New Social Contract where there is solidarity among social partners to develop sustainable retirement systems that rebalance responsibility in a way that everyone has the ability to retire with dignity and no one is left behind.

Our research approach

The Aegon Retirement Readiness Suvey has collected responses from over 130,000 people around the world and is now one of the largest of its kind. It forms the basis of our research and insights.

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Latest findings

Young adults retirement report

Young adults expect to be as reliant on their own savings and investments for their retirement income as they will on social security.

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All research reports

Our global research covers attitudes toward retirement planning, the roles of government and employers in providing retirement benefits, and the impact of health on retirement and aging. Explore our repository of annual and themed reports, with focus on women, LGBTQ+, physical workers  and the self-employed, amongst others.

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Our partners 

We work with a number of partners in the field of aging and retirement: the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Global Coalition on Aging, and the Leyden Academy on Longevity and Aging.

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Silver Starters

Aegon doesn't just talk about helping people achieve a lifetime of financial security. We support 'Silver Starters' (entrepreneurs over 50) with resources and funding, both in Poland and the Netherlands, for their innovative ventures.

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Age-Friendly Employers

The New Social Contract

The New Social Contract: Age-Friendly Employers explores the vital role of employers in helping workers successfully navigate their working lives and prepare for retirement, a role that has become even more crucial and precarious amid the pandemic.