Our research partners

We collaborate closely with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Global Coalition on Aging, and the Leyden Academy on Longevity and Aging.

Fortunately, plenty of academics, nonprofits, government agencies and employer organizations care as much as we do about retirement readiness, healthy aging and active retirement. We've listed our key partners below. 


Aegon has been a bronze sponsor of the OECD Forum from 2016. Since then, we've joined the global debate about the need for a new social contract, so that people can retire with dignity and no one is left behind. We've extended our partnership to 2021.

Global Coalition on Aging

Aegon is a founding member of the Global Coalition on Aging, an organization which seeks to raise awareness of aging issues among policymakers and the general public. A major aim of the coalition is to transform the way we think and speak about aging: replacing the familiar rhetoric of 'problems' with a more positive discussion of 'possibilities' and 'opportunities.'

Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing

The mission of Leyden Academy is to improve the quality of life of older people by creating opportunities for a vital and meaningful life, closely connected with the community.

Leyden Academy wants to enable people to grow old with vitality and in good health, and to lead their lives as they see fit, even as they become more frail and dependent with the years. This requires an inclusive society in which all generations can thrive, in which older individuals have equal opportunities to participate and their knowledge and life experience are valued:

  • Vital – to better understand the aging process and offer people opportunities to grow old with vitality and in good health.
  • Meaningful – striving to offer people opportunities to lead their lives as they see fit and to be the person they desire to be, despite frailty.
  • Connected – contributing to an inclusive society that appreciates the value of all generations, and where people of all ages feel invited to participate.

The Academy was established in 2008 by Vereniging Aegon; this organization is a majority shareholder of Aegon, and represents the direct and indirect interests of Aegon N.V. and stakeholders in a balanced manner.