Silver Starters

One of Aegon's programs to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security while at the same time inspiring active ageing is Silver Starters, an accelerator program for people over 50 that wish to start new, innovative businesses.

Silver Starters is a personal learning program where people aged 50+ learn the basics of entrepreneurship. People in (or nearing) retirement are coached and supported to turn their idea into their own business in via online learning and personal coaching by experts. Aside from helping people discover if entrepreneurship is something for them, the aim is to provide them with the necessary skills to set up their own business. Topics covered during the program include customer needs and wishes, revenue models, marketing and prototyping. 

Silver Starters is currently offered in annual cycles in the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Italy. And it's still growing! The length of the program varies per country, but averages around 8 modules.

If you're interested in joining a program (all are in local languages), you can find more information and sign up here.

Mike Mansfield

"Most start-up courses are tailored to young entrepreneurs. We aim to change that!"

Mike Mansfield | Program Director, ACLR

Silver Starter participants in the Netherlands feel more confident, active and assertive 

85 percent
say Silver Starters helped them become more active
67 percent
gained self-confidence and felt better prepared for the future
59 percent
reported becoming more assertive

Dutch 2021 Silver Starters winner quits job to focus on lung testing business

Silver Starters winner quits job to focus on lung testing business

Karin Lammering has emerged as the unanimous winner of the 2021 edition of Silver Starters, the coaching program set up by Leyden Academy and Aegon for aspiring entrepreneurs aged 50 and over. Karin is setting up a center to make advanced lung testing more widely accessible and affordable.

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