Responsible business

Everybody deserves a healthy and financially secure future

Aegon is committed to helping its customers achieve a healthy and financially secure future.

This requires a sustainable, long-term-oriented business that can fulfil our purpose and considers our obligations to individuals, society, and the environment. 

We believe that doing business in a responsible way will create positive and sustainable financial, social and environmental results that serve all stakeholders.

Our approach

Read about our approach to responsible business and how we strive to create sustainable positive financial, social and environmental results for our customers, shareholders, communities and society as a whole.

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Responsible investment

By taking an active approach to consider Environmental, Social and Governance issues in our investment decisions, we reduce risks and explore new opportunities to serve our clients' interests and society at large.

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Retirement research

Aegon publishes widescale research on financial planning, retirement, health and insurance issues so that society at large can effectively plan for longer and more active retirement.

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Corporate citizenship

Our core belief is that our business is beneficial to society and that the value we create is widely shared. Learn how Aegon interacts with our various stakeholders and society in a mutually beneficial manner.

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Document library

Looking for a particular policy or Aegon's stance on key issues? We have grouped all our policies relating to environmental, social, and governance issues in one library.

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Aegon's Integrated Annual Report 2020

Integrated Annual Report

The Integrated Annual Report provides a clear and balanced overview of the Company’s operations, strategy and performance in 2020.