Responsible procurement

Aegon is committed to high standards and we expect all of our suppliers to adhere to similar good working standards and business ethics, contributing to sustainable economic development everywhere.

We have over 650 suppliers who are subject to our minimum supplier standards and who have agreed to our Supplier Sustainability Declaration – a statement of the supplier's sustainability policies and initiatives that our partners attest to either during or after the procurement process.

But we also want to know that we're working with suppliers who share our basic values. That's why we work through our Sustainable Procurement Policy, which sets out minimum environmental and social standards, covering everything from product safety and corruption to fair wages, working conditions and human rights.

We ask all new suppliers to endorse these standards. All our key suppliers are asked to sign a Sustainable Procurement Vendor Declaration, acknowledging and agreeing to Aegon's policy. This declaration, introduced in 2013, is signed whenever contracts are entered into or renewed. And, when contracts come up for renewal, we've also been switching over existing suppliers.

Suppliers are also expected to comply with other Aegon standards, set out in Aegon's Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy.