Aegon Sustainability


Protecting our future

Our approach to sustainability is key to helping people live their best lives and protecting the future for all of us.

Aegon has a unique opportunity, and responsibility, to be part of global efforts to move to a more sustainable world, mitigating risks from climate change while capturing the opportunities from moving to a net-zero economy and more equal society.

We believe that sustainable business creates lasting financial, social and environmental value for our stakeholders. We have chosen to focus on climate change and inclusion and diversity as the main areas for our sustainability agenda. These sustainability priorities are essential for people to live their best lives. By focusing on these two priority topics, Aegon can make a positive impact through our investments, products and operations while also mitigating sustainability risks for our business and stakeholders.

Stepping up action on the climate change challenge

Stepping up action on the climate change challenge

Climate change is one of the most urgent environmental and social issues of our time, and Aegon is committed to helping transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

 Inclusion & Diversity

Supporting inclusion & diversity

Aegon believes in creating a fair and inclusive world, where we overcome obstacles to participation and benefit from diversity. Where everyone can have a sense of belonging and we can all live our best lives.

Our approach

Aegon adopted a plan in 2022 to ensure we deliver on our sustainability ambitions, and our Global Sustainability Board (GSB) is responsible for governance and oversight of our sustainability approach.

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Stakeholder value

Corporate Citizenship

We believe we have a responsibility to be part of global efforts to move to a more sustainable and equal world. Read more about how we are creating lasting value for our customers, shareholders, communities and society as a whole.

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Reports & policies library

Reports & policies library

We have grouped all our policies relating to environmental, social, and governance issues in one library.