Ambition & governance

Ambition & governanceSustainability

Aegon adopted a plan in 2022 to ensure we deliver on our sustainability ambitions, and our Global Sustainability Board (GSB) is responsible for governance and oversight of our sustainability approach.

Aegon's Sustainability Roadmap sets out the steps we are taking to embed our two priority themes of climate change and inclusion and diversity, as well as other key sustainability topics, in the way that Aegon works. Specific colleagues and teams are entrusted with ensuring the milestones of the roadmap are met. We have also put a robust governance structure in place to drive sustainability throughout the organization.

Our sustainability governance

Our Global Sustainability Board (GSB) is responsible for governance and oversight of our sustainability approach. The GSB’s core function is to steer, strengthen and embed sustainability across our country units, and it is supported by our local sustainability boards and specialized working groups. This governance structure drives delivery of our Sustainability Roadmap 2025. It also provides alignment on sustainability across the business, by ensuring consistency in sustainability-related actions and decisions across Aegon’s business units.

The GSB also provides advice and recommendations on specific topics such as inclusion and diversity and responsible investment, as well as on products, processes, initiatives, and communications relating to sustainability. The GSB plays an advisory role to the Management Board, with the Supervisory Board’s Nomination and Governance Committee having ultimate oversight.

Our Sustainability Reporting Program

A key part of assessing the success of our sustainability approach is transparency on our progress against our Sustainability Roadmap milestones and a regular program of reporting on our priority themes and other sustainability topics. Aegon’s Global Corporate Sustainability Team and the company’s Finance function are jointly responsible for the sustainability reporting program.

Together the teams are leveraging their respective expertise to improve the program, continually building on our knowledge and experience in collecting and monitoring non-financial data, establishing processes and controls, and implementing robust reporting tooling. This ensures the program will continue to meet evolving regulatory requirements, provide data for rating agencies, and support our assessment of progress against our Sustainability Roadmap and other commitments.

Integrated Reporting

Aegon's aim in reporting is to provide a balanced overview of the Company's operations, strategy and performance, as well as our approach to long-term value creation (both financial and sustainability-related) for our key stakeholder groups. Aegon's Integrated Annual Report is prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

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