Sustainability stakeholder value

Stakeholder valueSustainability

Aegon strives to create long-term value for all our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, equity and debt investors, and the wider community.

Responsible investment

By actively considering sustainability issues in our investment decisions, we can reduce risks and explore new opportunities to serve our clients' interests and society at large.

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Responsible tax

We are firmly committed to making a valuable economic and social contribution to the communities in which we operate, both through our own tax payments and through collection and payments of third-party taxes.

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Community investments

Aegon community investment initiatives are aimed at serving and strengthening our local communities on the one hand, while also enabling our employees to engage with their communities and promote our purpose and sustainability approach.

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Government & policy affairs

Aegon advocates for issues, initiatives and legislation, primarily around pensions and insurance law reforms, which we believe will benefit our customers, employees, wider society, and our business.

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Human rights

Aegon is committed to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core standards of the International Labor Organization and the principles of the UN Global Compact. The principles are incorporated in many of our key policies.

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Responsible procurement

Aegon adheres to high standards and we expects all of our suppliers to adhere to similar good working standards and business ethics, contributing to sustainable economic development everywhere. 

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